Easily manage holidays of your employees? We have a solution!

As a small company, maybe you would think you can't afford digitalising of most of your business processes. But maybe you are wrong...


Client: Sepiatlač (small business industry)

Situation before

  • High error risk in employee absence evidence
  • Calls and SMS used as tools for holiday reporting
  • Missing central point of all information about employee attendance
  • Common misunderstandings in team regarding duties

There are still many companies on the market which track employee attendance in one Excel sheet and doesn't have a unified tool for absence reporting. This was a problem in Sepia Tlač when they come to us too. Our task was to develop and implement one easy to use app (with both desktop and mobile approach) to substitute every other tool used before (calls, messages, emails, excel etc.).


Microsoft Office 365 apps and tools:      

(Flow, Power apps, Flow, Sharepoint)


Office 365 apps have many forms of use and to build app for managing employees absence is one of them. We have created a single app for reporting, granting and summarising all holidays, doctor visits or any other free days of all members of Sepia Tlač team. And results came immediately in reducing time spent to track missing information and giving employees an easy way of reporting.


What they said about us

"If you think it is not a big deal about tracking employees attendance in small company, you are wrong. Only when we have started using a new app built by Oznet we found out, how much time we can save and how many misunderstandings we can forgo. It helped us a lot and now we can more focus on core of our business so expenses for this tool have already returned to us. Thank you Oznet, you did a great job!" Martin Eckhardt

Responsible team members: Peter Griač