Efficiently Managing Employee Holidays: A Practical Solution

Many small companies believe that digitalizing their business processes is beyond their financial reach, but this might not be the case. Take Sepiatlač, a small business in the industry, as an example. Before approaching us, they faced several challenges:

  • High risk of errors in tracking employee absences.
  • Dependence on calls and SMS for holiday requests.
  • Lack of a centralized system for attendance information.
  • Frequent misunderstandings about team responsibilities.

Like many businesses, Sepiatlač used to rely on a single Excel sheet for tracking employee attendance, without a unified tool for absence reporting. Our mission was to design and implement a user-friendly app, accessible on both desktop and mobile, to replace the existing mix of calls, messages, emails, and Excel sheets.

Utilizing Microsoft Office 365 tools (including Flow, Power Apps, and SharePoint), we developed an application that streamlined the process of reporting, approving, and summarizing holidays, doctor visits, and other types of leave for the entire Sepia Tlač team. The results were immediate: reduced time spent tracking information and a simplified process for employees to report their absences.