How about Office365 near shore partner in Bratislava?

Reducing your business running costs without compromising? If you ever thought about outsourcing at least a part of your business, this might be your option.

When it comes to cheaper way of running your business, it usually ends in far east countries as India. But there are many disadvantages and difficulties in looking for and setting up a business partner in the other side of the world. How about staying in European union and still talk about massive cost/salary reduction?

Bratislava is placed in the heart of the Europe, reachable in convenient time from any European city (Vienna airport is only 60 km away, connected with highway, reachable in 30 minutes). Comparing to other destinations, Bratislava has the same time zone and similar mentality of people, but on the other side, average salary in Slovakia is still keeping quite low, five times lower than in Switzerland for example. Therefore the capitol of Slovakia was selected for service centres by companies like Zurich Insurance, SwissRe, Mondelez, Henkel, IBM, AT&T, Accenture or Dell.

Our members of team in OZnet have many experiences in cooperation with foreign partners and communication in english language. We have also prepared special business packages ready to be implemented based on your needs. Don't hesitate and contact us immediately to discuss your options of reducing your business running costs.