How we helped to optimise most successful bank in Slovakia

When it comes to business costs optimisations, doesn't matter how big or small your company is, there is always a number of processes waiting to be speeded up.


Client: Tatra Banka (corporate business industry) 

 Situation before (at specific department)

  • Missing tools for analysing and forecasting critical points and bottlenecks
  • Absence of processes digitisation
  • Poor human control mechanisms
  • Lack of options to quickly react on realtime situations

It was a tough task to resolve for our team, but in hours of analyses and research we have selected several operations needed to be done. Built on Microsoft office apps and tools we have prepared solid and stable solution with main focus on digitisation of all processes. Our aim was to minimise paperwork and make all existing documents online, develop fast and easy to use tool for controlling and managing human resources and last but not least, to built system with capabilities to quickly determine and resolve critical situations.


Microsoft Office 365 apps and tools:      

(Microsoft SQL, Flow, Power apps, Flow, Sharepoint)


Our implemented solution brought almost immediately demanded results. Whole bank department accelerated its business processes from weeks to only few days. Managers were able to securely control their teams and distribute tasks with great overview and planning possibilities. They are able to export quality reports and analyses after selected period of time and determine weakest points of processes.


What they said about us

"Oznet helped us to resolve longterm problem of planning and controlling system in one of our very important department. This part of bank is crucial in resolving business deals for our customers, hence it's important to know how efficient its team works and where are reserves that could be improved. Oznet brought us solution that not only fulfilled assignment but added also extra functionality and that counts twice. Our cooperation didn't stop at this point and we are working together on other projects for the future." Peter Bilčík

Responsible team members: Lukáš Ozimy /  Peter Griač